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Postpartum Shapewear

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Mama support your body postpartum with this shapewear made from firm compression fabric.

- Nylon/Spandex composition.

Most waist trainers are only for the abdomen area, although oother areas need support. This is why we prefer full length postpartum shapewear.

Breasts can get heavy due to milk production for your babes so this shapewear includes breast support to help reduce sagging. Easy zip down to allow for breast feeding.

Many mamas have abdominal separation postpartum. Repair your abdominal muscles by giving the support it needs with this shapewear and help them get back into place. Easy zipper for busy mums.

Mamas may also loose muscle on their glutes during pregnancy. Revitalise that shape with the buttock lifting support with this shapewear.

Gap around the groin area to allow room for postpartum maternity pads and avoiding any tightness around sensitive areas. 

Do not wear this shape wear until your doctor has cleared you for use, especially for csection mamas.

Please note this shapewear will not bounce you back to pre pregnancy body, it is merely for support. If this is your goal please refer to a professional for exercise and diet advise.

Most of all love the body you are in because you did something magical to bring about a miracle that is your baby! 

Please refer to product guide for sizing, please measure yourself before purchase to ensure the correct size. We can not accept returns due to hygiene reasons.

Preorder - Stock due to arrive within the next three weeks.

Colour may appear different due to screen and filters.