Brand Affiliate Program

Interested in being a Batik Boutique brand affiliate?


We are constantly being asked for collabs so we thought we would open up a brand affiliate program.


To apply, please write to us (@batikboutiqueofficial) with the following. What do you love most about Batik Boutique and why do you think your tribe would be best for the role? Please include your Instagram handle, babes ages and insights.


Please note we have limited spots available.


Perks include a 25% off code for yourself.


We ask in return you send and upload quality images with tag and @batikboutiqueofficial. Occasionally sharing on your story (products or sales) at your own accord.


We want this to be genuine, someone who is passionate about our items. We are passionate about mamas and babes, we enjoy providing special pieces to make memories in. So we want this to feel natural and not feel like a chore! We want you to be able to do things in your own time and have fun with it.


Batik Boutique x